Arahabaki by Torii

Continuing the previous post, we have the following from Rei Torii. Furthermore, concerning Tsugaru myth, at Taga,  the Arahabaki king Hararaya placed a transmission. And at the sacred place point the Hotsuma transmission was inscribed on the stone monument (Tohoku no dokoka ni aru tosareru nihon chuou no ishibumi) can be seen. And after Hotsuma land had been handed over, Okuninushi went to a secluded life in Aribe forest; this is in an important transmission.

The point here is that there was an Arahabaki king. Perhaps Arahabaki is the name of a culture or civilization in the Tagajo-Sendai region.

Regarding the image:(Left) A group of Japanese gods, the Arahabaki from Tsugaru Soto-Sangun History, one of Japanese Ancient History and Legends, which dates earlier than The Kojiki.

(Right) Also the Arahabaki from Tsugaru Soto-Sangunshi History. Is this a god in a space suit?

東日流外三郡誌 [昭和46年] Tsugaru Soto Sangun-shi [1949], 428 pages, published by Shiura Sonshi Hensan Iinkai, 1981.


アラハバキ(荒覇吐、荒吐、荒巾)信仰は、東北地方一帯に見られる民俗信仰。Arahabaki belief is a folk belief found in the Tohoku region.

On the Tauchiyama Jinja 丹内山神社 (Iwate Ken) premises, there is a kami called 荒覇吐 (アラハバキ)大神 Arahabaki Okami. There is also a megalith since 1300 years ago, on the sacred grounds of this shrine, that has been the sacred body of the kami, an important object of worship.