Jomon Artifacts

The Jomon were the first people to make pottery. Here are some of the artifacts found in Tohoku, displayed in the museums at Oyu and at Tagajo. First at the Oyu museum, there are remarkable Jomon specimens. In addition to Jomon pottery, we see a human figure marked with – are they acupuncture points?

IMG_0295 IMG_0294 IMG_0285

These pottery artifacts (below) are from the Tohoku History Museum at Tagajo City, near Sendai. The mask-like piece is distinctive, although it does not resemble modern Japanese faces. The two figurines in ‘spacesuits’ are called Arahabaki. It is a mystery what they represent and why they are so named. Look for my additional posts on Arahabaki. Jomon made a large variety of pots. The museum displayed a number of haniwa terracotta (unglazed) pieces from the kofun period which followed the Jomon.