Taga Taisha, in Omi/ Biwako/ Shiga Ken

Taga Jinja in Tagajo-shi sent part of its kami spirit to Taga Jinja in Omi. This jinja has become Taga Taisha near Biwako in Shiga Ken. I visited Taga Taisha in June, 2012. We had yummy tempura ramen across from the entrance torii. Later we went back for matcha soft cream. Also yummy!


There is a semi-circular bridge just past the entrance torii. It is supposed to be good luck to go over it, and young children have a ball clambering over it. It is rather difficult for adults to traverse.


There was also a circular green shimenawa called a chinowa made of grass or reeds. Passing through a chinowa is said to bring good luck.


The keidai shrine precinct is very large and it must accommodate nearly a million visitors on Hatsumode on New Year’s Day.


We looked for a a trace of Toyoke Okami. We finally found it on the side, rather than in the back where we would have expected old, original jinja to be found. This is where the original Taga Jinja would have been, after it was sent here from Tagajo in Miyagi. DSCN5439