HOTSUMA TSUTAE Part 1: Amemiwoya and The Beginning


This is the first in a four-part series on the ancient document, Hotsuma Tsutae. Our source materials are the renderings of the JTC Hotsuma Tsutae website. We thank JTC for making this valuable material available for the English-reading public.


It is three thousand years ago at the palace of Isawa (now in Mie Ken). Amateru is telling how the world was created.

In the far and distant past, when heaven and earth were not yet separate, and not even the sun, the moon, and the stars had come into existence, the universe was ruled by confusion that had no shape and no form, floating and swirling and bubbling around without end.

Into the midst of this [the formless] was born the Amemiwoya deity (the “August Parent of the Heavens”).

When he blew his first breath into the bubbling, swirling universe, it started to turn more quietly and peacefully. At its centre stood a great column called Amenomihashira (the “August Pillar of the Heavens”), and around it the confused mass of the universe at last started to take shape.

The pillar split into two, dividing into a negative, female part and a positive, male part. The light, male part turned and rose upwards to form the heavens, while the heavy, female part sank down to form the earth.

The spirit of the female part divided into water and earth through the motion of the heavens. The air from the male part created the wind, and the wind gave birth to fire, giving the three elements of air, wind and fire. The three original elements of the male became round with fire to form the sun. The two elements of the female became hardened to form the moon.

These five elements of air, wind, fire, water and earth joined together to form the first human being.

The first deity born on this earth was called Kunitokotachi.

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