HOTSUMA TSUTAE Part 2: Founding the Lands of Hotsuma and Hitakami

Kunitokotachi had eight sons who are called the Kunisatsuchi. Their names are: To, Ho, Ka, Mi, Ye, Hi, Ta, and Me. Their full names are, for example, To-no-Kunisatsuchi. They were each given a land to rule and develop.

To-no-Kunisatsuchi arrived at the Land of Hotsuma bearing seeds of plants and trees. The center of Hotsuma was at Harami, now called Mt Fuji. He planted the eternal tachibana orange tree on Harami and called it Kaguyama, Fragrant Mountain.

In the Land of Hitakami, to the east-north-east, now called Tohoku, the descendant of Ta-no-Kunisatsuchi was the Fifth Takamimusubi, Tamakine. The Heavenly Realm, Takamagahara, was created at the palace in Tagajo. It was so abundant a land that Tamakine was given by the people the name Toyoke, the Receiver of Plenty. Toyoke followed the Amenaru-Michi, the Way of Heaven, prescribed by Kunitokotachi.

Ka-no-Kunisatsuchi went to China and became an ancestor of Nishi-no-Haha, Mother of the West, known by the Chinese as Xi Wangmu (or Hsi Wang Mu). She came to Toyoke to study with him and returned to China bearing a plant of the fruit-bearing peach tree.