HOTSUMA TSUTAE Part 3: Birth of the Amakami Amateru

Toyoke, seeing that the dynasty of To-no-Kunisatsuchi remained without an heir to the Amakami rulers, took matters into his own hands. He arranged for a marriage between his daughter Isako and Takahito.   They are known to us as Isanami and Isanagi, and they lived at their palace in Isawa.

They were duly married with all the proper ceremony and ritual. After a time when no heir to the Way appeared, Toyoke made a Futomani divination which directed him to Nakakuni (now Nara area). He had purified himself eight thousand times on Mount Katsuragi and prayed for a successor to Isanami and Isanagi.

Finally the grandson Amateru was born as the sun rose on the first day of the year kishiye. Lord Yamazumi was so overjoyed that he recited a waka:

Mube naruya, yuki no yoroshi mo, miyotsugi mo, yoyo no saiwai hirakeri

‘Tis true to say: a good past life, and a royal heir;  joy for generations now to commence.

Princess Shirayama, Isanami’s sister, gave the baby his first bath and his name, Uhirugi, Great Sun-Spirit Sovereign. All the people were overjoyed.