HOTSUMA TSUTAE Part 4: Amateru and Amenaru-Michi

Isanami and Isanagi raised the prince at their palace at Okitsu. When Amateru reached the age of sixteen, they asked Toyoke to prepare him to rule by the Amenaru-Michi, the Way of Heaven. Toyoke came to Harami to escort the prince and his parents to Hitakami. When they arrived at Toyoke’s Yamate palace, the prince was surrounded by brilliant light, golden flowers bloomed, the trees shown like gold. Toyoke was moved to give the imina personal name Wakahito, the Prince of Light, to the prince.

Toyoke built a new Amatsu palace and assigned his grandson Furimaro to be Wakahito’s study partner. Furimaro became Takakine, the 6th Takamimusubi and ruler of Hitakami. The two youths diligently studied and practiced the Amenaru-Michi as taught by Kunitokotachi and Toyoke.

After the completion of his preparation, Amateru was installed as the 8th Amakami. The ohoname Grand Rite of Accession was held on the winter solstice.