Kototama is the spirit and the power of sound. It is an ancient practice, hidden for a long time. Ogasawara, Nakazono, and Shimada teach it using the amatsu iwasaka chart.

Explanation of “Amatsu iwasaka”


岩境     いわさか, iwasaka   Heavenly area or shrine

Also: ‘Iwa’ means fifty sounds of kototama. The completed kototama is called ‘futomani’.

Amatsu means Heavenly, Divine. So this is a chart of the heavenly fifty kototama sounds.

Explanation of diagram:

There is a circle at top which is the Void. However, it is not shown in this figure.

Level 1.  “U” or “SU” is Amemiwoya/ Amenominakanushi Kami, the creator of the universe.

Level 2.  Division into male and female, heaven and earth.

“A” is Takamimusubi, High Producer, male, centrifugal force, vertical, Heaven.

“WA” is Kamimusubi, Divine Producer, female, centripetal force, horizontal, Earth.

Note the form, the resemblance to a Tree of Life which it indeed is.  A-WA is like Alpha-Omega of creation.

This Amatsu Iwasaka leads to the following kototama chart:


Vowels are called mother sounds; consonants are father sounds; syllables beginning with W are half-mother sounds. Other syllables are made by combining consonants with vowels. The story of Izanagi and Izanami in the Kojiki reminds us that the father goes first.

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