Hotsuma Tsutae Document Tree by Torii

Torii KamiGami coverThis document tree is from Torii Rei’s book.

Torii Document Chart 0002

The shaded box at the top is HOTSUMA TSUTAE.

The five shaded boxes at the bottom are the documents, L to R:

MONONOBE     /     MIZUHO ONTSUTAE     /     KOJIKI     /     NIHON SHOKI     /     KUKI.

For our post on Mizuho Ontsutae, please use the search box for our post.

The shaded box above KUKI is the TAKENOUCHI set of documents. See our posts on Takenouchi.

The shaded box to the far left of Takenouchi is the SENDAI KUJI HONGI TAISEIKYO.  Here, Sendai means ancestor, Kuji means old things, Hongi means original or main book, and Taiseikyo is the Great Perfection Sutra. This document consists of 72- book and 32-book versions. Prince Shotoku Taishi (572 – 622) was the editor. There is an earlier Sendai Kuji Hongi which has ten chapters, already known in Heian times to be very old.

The shaded box furthest right is FUJI MIYASHITA document.

The shaded box to its upper left is UETSUFUMI, written in Hotsuma Woshite moji.

The point of this chart is to show that there were many documents in the period prior to the publishing of the well-known classics, the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki. Indeed, this shows how the documents relate to each other and also how their contents flow into the two classical documents.