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I am always amazed by the size of the Pacific Ocean. And I am impressed by Papahanaumokuakea.

Papahanaumokuakea (Papa-hanau-moku-akea, Earth Mother-birth-islands-Sky Father) is the name of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands National Monument. Extending the archipelago of Hawaii to the northwest, these islands make the state of Hawaii one of the longest in the nation. Hawaii extends from about 155 to180 degrees of west longitude, i.e., to the International Date Line, thus covering five hours of time zones.

Please note the location of Necker Island which bears the magnificent Hawaiian name, Mokumanamana (Moku-mana-mana, island of strong mana energy). Mokumanamana lies right on the Tropic of Cancer, 23.5 degrees North latitude. This island is so sacred that no Hawaiians ever lived there, yet they built 33 shrines on the rocky small island.

Lying on the Tropic of Cancer means that this island has the sun at zenith on one day of the year, the summer solstice. The sun does not venture further north than this. For this reason, this latitude marked a solemn boundary between Po and ‘Ao, Darkness and Light, Other World and This World.