Miyagi’s Hakokurayama 函倉山 Pyramid Mountain

dsc00564-closerIn October 2013 we had the chance to visit some pyramid mountains in Tohoku. Previously visited were Kuromanta yama in Akita/Aomori, Himurogatake in Kyoto-fu, Kuraiyama in Gifu-ken. This report is about Hakokurayama (Hako-kura-yama) 函倉山  and two other posts are on Taihakusan 太白山  in Sendai-shi, and Togariyama  尖山  in Toyama-ken. Our visiting Hakokurayama and Taihakusan was based in part on Yo Hamada’s Pyramid Mountains http://hamadas2.exblog.jp/ Hakokurayama. 函倉山

In another post, we discussed some of the alignments of Hakokurayama with the winter and summer solstice rising and setting sun.  https://okunomichi.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/the-pyramids-of-suzuki-akira/.

From Sendai station by car, it took only 30 minutes to get to the Rikuzen-Shirasawa train station which we had read about. We started shooting pictures of the mountains that we could see from there, but we weren’t sure which was it. We guessed it would be the mountain to our right. We started driving around that mountain counter-clockwise past the school, and we knew we were close. We parked at the water pumping station. We walked around two sides of the mountain. There are a creek going around the mountain and several ponds. The pond in the photo below is very lovely. No doubt there are springs here.

If it is a square pyramid as this contour map indicates, … Wow! Note the flat top. There was a hatake and plants were growing well – pyramid energy! That there is so much water must be significant – it may be a water source. The station must be pumping water to Sendai-shi.