Three Electrostatic Laws of Narasaki

Electrostatic「静電三法」Three Electrostatic Laws. Re-reprint authorized by the Narasaki Institute and published by CMC Technology Development Co., Ltd. 2003.

A simple technology for agriculture and health

Although these investigations were carried out in Japan in the years immediately following the Second World War, the value of this book is immense today, perhaps even more so. Fortunately, the book was re-published in 2003. Unfortunately, the book is written in Japanese and no English version has appeared (according to the publisher), nor are there any articles for the non-Japanese reader. However, we did find a mention of Narasaki on a Russian website, in English. See the link at the end.

Consequently we have decided to give our description of the applied research for eco-agriculture and human well-being called Three Electrostatic Laws. Correspondence with the publisher resulted in their recommendation that we present this page from their website (

Description and Reason for Re-publication of Narasaki’s book

The original of this book was authored by Narasaki Satsuki 60 years ago, when Japan was in a period of confusion over its defeat in the Second World War. In that era people could only think of the hardship in living. It was Satsuki Narasaki’s intention for post-war reconstruction to improve living through science and technology. He proposed the Three Electrostatic Laws.

The philosophy of Satsuki Narasaki, with an eye to science, is to see through the nature of the mechanism that we humans have been kept alive with. There is insight and exceptional wisdom in the universe of static electricity. It is a new science and technology point of view in which a similarity rule can be found. Every new agricultural technology and industrial production technology can take advantage of what we have developed into the study of healthy living technology.

The Three Electrostatic Laws

  • Plant wave farming takes advantage of the potential force of nature. It is a pharmacological agricultural technology that does not make heavy use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • The substance modified method, by changing the external environment of the materials electrostatically, is industrial production technology that can be varied to suit the purpose in a very energy-saving method based on the properties of the material.
  • In addition, the human body wave health method has proposed a constructive medicine to create a healthy body from the relationship between electricity and the human body using the electrical phenomenon of the environment.

Need for Three Electrostatic Laws

In the latter half of the 20th century the world is full of pesticide and chemical fertilizer-intensive agriculture from science and technology. Europe, with energy mass consumption of industrial production, went to medical care using drugs. Now we enter the 21st century by the progress of science and technology. At first glance, we appeared to have enjoyed the convenient and comfortable life. However, as to the price, we think we’ve lost, one after another, irreplaceable important things. We have not appled brakes on environmental pollution and global warming, and the balance of the planet, human society and the natural world have collapsed. Our bodies also have lost harmony with the original rhythm of life. The life that man has received has only been kept by the grace of the laws of nature and the universe. We think we need to remember this.

We live in the 21st century. Let us once again explore the Three Electrostatic Laws that Narasaki Satsuki proposed sixty years ago. We believe that the time has come to practice the Three Electrostatic Laws.    

Practicing the Three Electrostatic Laws

In the re-publication of this book, we heard from many people who have been practicing the Three Electrostatic Laws, the bequest of Satsuki Narasaki. In addition, we directly received the support and cooperation of the people who studied under Satsuki Narasaki and who have continued the research. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Every one of the readers who meets with this book finds a new perspective deepened by the true understanding of the sense of space and the natural world. We are anxious to spread the circle of research and practice of the Three Electrostatic Laws.