Sendai’s Taihakusan 太白山 Pyramid Mountain

DSC00587 first

Taihakusan 太白山   Taihakusan is Great White Mountain. We drove through the city of Sendai past the hilly Tohoku University campus to the other side. We glimpsed an odd shaped mountain and thought this must be the one.  Stopping at a nature area we found a billboard showing on its lower left the tongari-shaped mountain – an equilateral triangle in profile. So we headed in that direction.

DSC00589 billboard             DSC00603 sign


We drove westward, and started going up a yama. At first the slope was gentle and people were strolling with their dogs. Further up was a clearing in the woods with a large parking lot surrounded by many signs. Watch out for bears! Do not start forest fires!

We read on one of the signs that the mountain and shrine are named for 太白星 Taihaku-hoshi, Great White Star. What can it be? It could mean the planet Venus. The sign also says that at the top of the mountain is a stone shrine, 貴船 Kifune Jinja. What is its connection with the 生出森八幡神社 O-ide-mori Hachiman Jinja written on this sign?

We went under the torii up the path leading upwards to the shrine. We got part-way up as far as the (new) kagura-den. Some people came down, one of them dressed a mountain-practitioner dressed all in white with a head-covering. Scattered about as by a giant’s hand were many large boulders, not quite megaliths, some with right-angle surfaces, that were intriguing.

DSC00610 smlDSC00611 megallithsThe photos show our first view of Taihakusan, the conservation signboard showing Taihakusan in the corner, a closer view of the mountain, the sign about the Taihaku-hoshi, the torii, a shrine building, and some of the many boulders.

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Note: this post was prepared on July 3, 2016 but not published until now, April 24, 2022.