Two Waves of Human Migration

Human migrations map Nat GeoRecently, it has been proposed that humans that evolved in Africa migrated out in two waves instead of one. The above map from the April 2018 issue of the National Geographic magazine illustrates this with the colors of the routes. The red path is the newly proposed migration path of roughly 200,000 years ago. The blue-green path is the earlier theory for 60,000 years ago. There is no question that there was a major emigration 60,000 years ago when climate change produced a severe drought. However, recent findings require consideration of a much earlier emigration.

You can read more about it in papers such as this one by Christopher Bae. Here is a direct quote from Bae’s paper:

When my research team and I dated the flowstones – rock that forms from precipitation inside a cave – directly above and below the location of the two human teeth using an absolute dating method called uranium-series, we found that the human teeth dated to between 70,000 and 126,000 years ago; a situation clearly impossible if modern humans moved out of Africa only 60,000 years ago.

You may also be interested in the research in Asian paleoanthropology here.