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“The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening”

Book by Steve Taylor, New World Library, 2017

Here is a book we highly recommend about “The Leap” upward after “The Fall” in consciousness. Instead of giving a book review, we let the author speak for himself.

We are, I believe, on the threshold of an evolutionary leap… There are a number of signs that this evolutionary leap is under way and that wakefulness is collectively emerging with the human race. [p.255]

Everywhere there are signs of a growing sense of connection and empathy, a wider conceptual outlook, and a movement beyond both ego-isolation and egocentrism. [p.260]

But our collective awakening also means more than this. It means regaining what we lost at the same time as gaining something new. The wakefulness we’re developing now is different from that of earlier human beings. At the same time as representing a return, it represents a progression. [p.261]

But what seems to be happening now — and the reason why we’re undergoing an evolutionary advance rather than just a return — is that we’re retaining the heightened intellectual and conceptual abilities we developed with the Fall, at the same time as regaining the heightened perceptual awareness and the sense of connection of earlier human beings. [p.262]

Despite the positive trends I’ve described above, we live in a time of crisis. It’s true that we’re living in a time of unprecedented spiritual awareness, unprecedented compassion and connection. But we’re also living in a time of unprecedented danger. [p.264]

The big question: Can we wake up collectively in time? Can the positive traits associated with wakefulness transcend the negative traits associated with sleep before our present crisis leads to catastrophe? [p.265]

This is why it’s imperative for us as individuals to follow our own individual impulse to awaken. It’s important for us not to suppress this impulse… but to allow it to guide us toward spiritual practices and paths and consequently toward wakefulness. [p.266]

Gradual awakening means practicing meditation and mindfulness, service and altruism. It means embracing quietness, simplicity, and inactivity so that we become comfortable within our inner space and learn to be.     [p.266]

Even if we don’t survive, the earth will recover eventually. Evolution will continue. Its trajectory can’t be reversed, only slowed down or frustrated temporarily. Eventually new living beings will emerge who will experience the expansiveness and clarity of wakefulness as their normal state. [p.267-68]