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Lahaina Noon Honolulu, July 2019

Bikerack with a thin shadow

We now have several posts on Kau ka la i ka lolo, Lahaina Noon. The first was this. Please use the Search box on the right to find them.

This year in Honolulu, the date-time for the July event was  July 16, 2019 at 12:37 PM. The bikerack photo was taken one day early. The pair of photos was taken on the 16th at times closest to no shadow of a vertical pole; however the time on our camera was a bit off from the astronomical time.

And here is again our favorite stop sign when the sun is overhead, kau ka la i ka lolo.

If you are in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai’i, take your photos at: 12:26 PM (July 24th). Kau ka la i ka lolo!


Agō Kiyohiko on Kototama


Agō Kiyohiko on Kototama

“Kototama no michi is explained in super-ancient history of Biwako’s esoteric doctrine. Dr. Agō accomplished this momentous research in a lifetime career as pioneering director of the Biwako Research Center. “ 

These statements were retrieved in November 2013 from the website of the Biwako Research Center. The website is no longer online. Biwako, largest lake in Japan, lies in the center of Shiga Prefecture. It is of particular interest to students of Wosite as the Naka-Kuni Central Land of Isanami and Isanagi. Biwako is also of historical interest to geologists, biologists, archaeologists, and anthropologists as a region rich in human and natural activity from ancient times.

Agō Kiyohiko, former electrical engineer who spent his long retirement years studying ancient matters such as Wosite, made the following remarks about Kototama on this website.

“Kototama is the recognized spiritual function of Japan’s ancient language.”

“Kototama is a language…

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