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Editor’s Note

We view Wosite as a kototama language. We taught the meanings of the five vowels of Wosite as symbols of energetic processes.

One of the great teachers of kototama was 小笠原孝次 Ogasawara Koji.

So far as we know, Ogasawara Sensei wrote only one book in English and it is difficult to find. One of Ogasawara’s students was Masahilo Nakazono who moved to the U.S. and published several kototama books in English.

Waki Shuppan, the Waki Publishing Company, has been publishing a series of books on kototama, the power of sound, the spirit of speech.

Nanasawa Kenji 七沢 賢治is a student of Ogasawara Sensei. Nanasawa has published a number of books based on the Ogasawara teachings.

The book we are looking at today is entitled, 言霊開眼. The Japanese title is read as Genrei Kaigan, and it can be interpreted as Kototama Enlightenment. The…

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“Five Elements” of Wosite and Other Traditions


Mandala of Yungdrung Bon by Gyalshen Institute


From the writings of the classical Greek period, we know the term “Five Elements.” The concept is found in many other cultures. Wosite, too, has its version. In this essay, we share some observations about these various views of the universe and humans.

Greek Five Elements

According to Aristotle, the Five Elements which are the basic building blocks of the physical world are:

Aether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth

These were part of the system of explaining observed phenomena in Greek physics. As Wikipedia notes, Plato used the term “element” in reference to air, fire, earth, and water. The ancient Greek word for element, stoicheion (στοιχεῖον), meant a letter or a syllable, the smallest component of a word.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

We received a string of paper prayer flags from ICT, the International Campaign for Tibet. The enclosure, shown here, explains the symbolism of…

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Wesak Festival, Full Moon of 7 May 2020

NASA/Joel Kowsky

Editor’s Note

This year, the Wesak Festival which we first wrote about in 2016, takes place on May 5 – 9 this year of 2020.

The Wesak Festival at the time of the Taurus new moon is said to take place when the Buddha and the Christ meet in the mysterious Shambhala Valley in the Himalayas. A powerful energy combines Wisdom and Love to elevate human consciousness.

Wesak is especially important when the entire globe is engaged in a struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic. Let those of spiritual inclination join together in meditation with the intent to foster the coming of the new Light.

The Lucis Trust (lucis means light) is dedicated to the establishment of a new and better way of life for everyone in the world based on the fulfillment of the divine plan for humanity.

The Lucis Trust has posted their message for Wesak 2020 and an excerpt follows.

Wesak is widely celebrated throughout the East as the Festival of the Buddha. For esotericists it is the high point of the spiritual year when forces of enlightenment flow from the higher worlds into the mind of humanity.

A new world is now being conceived by many – it is being actively looked for, and when the eye of the soul is opened, it will be seen to be more real than the world that is revealed by the five senses. The new light is on its way. The annual Wesak blessing plays a crucial role in the coming of that light.

On the Lucis Trust Wesak page, you can download a 24-page copy of the booklet, The Wesak Festival.

The very beautiful and profound Wesak 2020 video is linked here.

The Agni Yoga Invocation, a modified version of the Great Invocation, has been created by Yves Chaumette.  You may include it in your Wesak meditation. 

Agni Yoga Invocation

From the point of Emergence in the Spirit of Space

Light pours into everyone’s spirit.

Light impregnates the world.

From the point of Unity in the Heart of Space

Love gushes out into everyone’s heart.

Love regenerates the world.

From the point of Tension in the Fire of Space

Will inspires everyone’s efforts.

Will affirms the world.

From all the centers in the Circle of the One Life

The radiation of Love and Light intensifies;

Everyone manifests the Beauty of the world.

Light, Love and Will transfigure the present world.  

The full moon of May 2020 occurs at 3:45 am PDT on May 7. The Wesak festival begins two days before and continues until two days after the full moon.

Let us join together in bringing the Light.

“Song of Shambhala” by Nicholas Roerich, 1943, public domain