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We view Wosite as a kototama language. We taught the meanings of the five vowels of Wosite as symbols of energetic processes.

One of the great teachers of kototama was 小笠原孝次 Ogasawara Koji.

So far as we know, Ogasawara Sensei wrote only one book in English and it is difficult to find. One of Ogasawara’s students was Masahilo Nakazono who moved to the U.S. and published several kototama books in English.

Waki Shuppan, the Waki Publishing Company, has been publishing a series of books on kototama, the power of sound, the spirit of speech.

Nanasawa Kenji 七沢 賢治is a student of Ogasawara Sensei. Nanasawa has published a number of books based on the Ogasawara teachings.

The book we are looking at today is entitled, 言霊開眼. The Japanese title is read as Genrei Kaigan, and it can be interpreted as Kototama Enlightenment. The…

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