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Iwami kagura, an exciting dance performed by Shinto priests in Shimane prefecture, on the coast of the Japan Sea. Image from Japan-Insights.

Okunomichi would like to introduce our readers to Japan-Insights, an English-language portal site that provides wider experts’ experiences on Japanese culture to the world. There are many articles in a variety of fields. Here are just a few of them.

Kagura: Theater of Tradition Amid Innovation, by Dieter Georg Adlamaier-Herbst, Germany

Traveling through the westernmost coastal region of Japan’s main island, the author, an internationally recognized expert in digital communication and branding, studies the old Japanese theater style Kagura. The Iwami Kagura of Shimane is especially popular.

Infectious diseases in premodern Japan, by Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell, Director General of the National Institute of Japanese Literature and a dedicated supporter of Japan-Insights, tells some heartbreaking, yet encouraging stories about infectious diseases in pre-modern Japan. Although these accounts seem to come from a very different time, we can sympathise with the protagonists presented – their concern to care for others and their trust in the solidarity communities can afford. This is a 22-minute video.

Spectacular Buildings: Sendai’s Legacy of Architecture and Art, by Anton Schweizer, Germany

The city which is now Sendai was founded by Date Masamune, warlord and patronoo f the arts. Zuihoden, whose under-roof we see is Date’s mausoleum. It can be visited year-round, except for December 31 and January 1. This essay introduces Date through the city’s monuments from the viewpoint of an art historian

Under the roof of Zuihoden, Miyagi Prefectural Government

From the home page of Japan-Insights, you can click the icons to link to the Japan-Insights blog, Facebook, or Twitter. There are new articles posted on the blog.