Monthly Archives: February 2022

Kototama by Wosite Wisdom Circle


The three members of the Wosite Wisdom Circle associated with Woshite World and Wosite Wisdom made a presentation to a large viewer audience at the Nature Talks 2022 Conference held from February 9-13. Embodiment practices were shared, and a slideshow was presented by Okunomichi. You can find the slides and the script on Woshite World.

The blog posts on this Okunomichi site and on WoshiteWorld have been visited frequently by those seeking to learn more about Kototama. These two sites have a number of articles about Kototama which you can find by using the Search box. Some are from classical Japanese Kototama teachers. Others are uniquely the Kototama which the Wosite Wisdom Circle developed from our Japanese American viewpoint. Note that our American Kototama is distinctly different from both traditional and modern Japanese Kototama. It is meant for incorporating into our Western lives a path to realizing our true self, where we come from, why we are here.