Calendar: 4. Global Solar Calendar

Iwaya-Iwakage of Kanayama Megaliths

Kanayama Megaliths Solar Calendar, a global solar calendar. Art by Shiho Tokuda.

Kanayama Megaliths Solar Calendar

The solar calendar of the Kanayama Megaliths is depicted here. We will also call it the Six-Seasons Global Calendar. Winter solstice 12/22 is at the bottom. In the three previous posts, we have explained how this calendar is constructed from the four yearly quarter dates (the solstice and equinox dates), plus the four astronomical cross-quarter ACQ dates. In the numerous reports we have posted on this Iwakage site about observational events throughout the years, you have seen how field data are collected to establish where we are in this yearly cycle.

The Calendar is a framework for the cycle of seasons of the year. It is kept accurate by real-time observations of solar events. Some of the observational events are spots of light on surfaces which are made by beams of light from the…

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