“The Root of Taoism is in Wosite Japan” – 1. Taoism and Mother of the West


Legendary Taoist sage Lao Tzu of the 5th century BCE


“The root of Taoismisin Wosite Japan.”

This is our Wosite teacher Beace’s stunning thesis in her post here. http://julian.way-nifty.com/woshite/2010/03/post-ccb2.html. We render her article into English in this series of three posts.

The wisdom of To-no-Wosite was developed in the early days of the Wosite civilization. The founder of the land of Hinomoto (an early name for the islands of Japan) was Kunitokotati. His eight children spread civilization far and wide. In particular, Ka-no-Kunisatuti took the To-no-Wosite teachings to the land in the west which we now call China. He and his descendants settled in the western mountains, thousands of years ago. They thrived by following the Way of To, and this may have been a root of the Way of Tao, or Taoism.

As the centuries rolled on, people drifted away from the Way and society became disharmonious…

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