“The Root of Taoism is in Wosite Japan” –  2. Ukesuteme is Mother of the West


Seiōbo, Mother of the West, Ukesuteme. (Nisi no Haha Seiōbo by Maruyama Okyo, 18th century)


Trained by Toyoke Kami, Ukesuteme herself became a sage and a human kami, i.e., a spiritual master. Her name in Japanese is Nishi-no-Haha (also pronounced Seiōbo), Mother of the West, whose birthday is celebrated on the third day of the third month. This is also the day of the Hina Matsuri, or Girls Day, also called the Festival of the Peaches, for she is associated with the abundance of peaches. See our post on Hina Matsuri.

Ukesuteme in China

The effect that Ukesuteme had on China is threefold:

  1. She taught the wisdom of To-no-Wosite in western China,
  2. She became a spiritual master, the Taoist Immortal Xi Wangmu, and
  3. Her To-no-Wosite teachings may be the main root of Taoist philosophy.

Let us learn how Ukesuteme became the Queen Mother of the West.

Ukesuteme and Toyoke-Kami

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