“The Root of Taoism is in Wosite Japan” – 3. To-no-Wosite and Taoism


Mother of the West holding peaches of immortality

To-no-Wosite and Ukesuteme

We have described how the teachings of To-no-Wosite were brought to China from Hinomoto many millenia ago. We have also presented the story of Ukesuteme who became the spiritual master, Mother of the West, known to Taoists as Xi Wangmu.

To no Wosite and Taoism

We now come to the title of this series, “The Root of Taoism is in Wosite Japan.” It is derived from this part of Beace’s post:







In other words, the root of Taoism (Shinsen thought) is To-no-Wosite and the Jomon philosophy and culture that were introduced to the continent from Japan.

Beace is stating the the root of Taoism is threefold, all stemming from the Wosite civilization:

(1) To-no-Wosite teachings

(2) Jomon-Wosite philosophy

(3) Jomon-Wosite culture

Ukesuteme Becomes Mother of the West and Deity of Longevity

The To-no-Wosite…

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