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Calendar: 5. UTC Global Solar Calendar

Iwaya-Iwakage of Kanayama Megaliths

The UTC Global Solar Calendar. By Shiho Tokuda.

UTC Global Solar Calendar

We present above the first appearance of the UTC Global Solar Calendar. The Global Calendar is determined by the four astronomical quarter dates (the equinoxes and solstices) and the four astronomical cross-quarter dates (ACQ dates). The ACQ dates are also called “midway” dates; see our earlier posts in this series.

The eight astronomical dates and times are given in the table below, and were obtained from the website of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Solar longitude is measured in degrees from the vernal equinox. “Midway” indicates the sun’s altitude as being midway between the adjacent equinox-solstice altitudes. These four midway dates appear on the diagonals of the circular calendar. Notice that the equinoxes do not determine the boundaries of any season. That is why there are six seasons in this calendar, and only six of the eight…

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