Lahaina Noon 2022 July 16

Clouds in the blue sky

We again observed Ka La I Ka Lolo, Lahaina Noon in Honolulu. The morning of July 16, 2022 was cloudy in Honolulu. By 12:30 the remaining clouds revealed a bright blue sky. However, the sun was playing peek-a-boo. We started taking photos of the shadow at the base of a bollard in a parking lot. From left to right, we can see that the shadow which is on the left (the west) of the bollard gradually shifts to the right (the east).

The times of the above four photos were 12:36, 12:37, 12:38, 12:39, respectively, Hawaiian Time (UTC – 10).

An enlargement of the third shot from the left at 12:38 shows no shadow.

The photos were taken at GPS location 21 degrees 17.5 minutes North, 157 degrees 49.5 minutes West. Our previous post was dated July 16 at 12:37 pm, 2019. Iwakage posted a calendrical explanation at