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Sidpa Gyalmo, Great Mother Protector

The world is now struggling with devastating problems of sickness, natural disasters, and human violence. The  བོན Bön deity Sidpa Gyalmo is being invoked in the midst of this pandemoneum because of her fiercely protective and healing energies. Sidpa Gyalmo is one of the three emanations of the Great Mother of the Universe. Sidpa Gyalmo [Tibetan srid pa’i rgyal mo] is transcribed into roman letters in different ways, for example Sipé Gyalmo.

In the Bön religion Sidpa Gyalmo, the Queen of the World, is the fierce aspect of the Great Mother; Sherab Chamma is the Loving Mother of Wisdom and Compassion. Sidpa Gyalmo is depicted in a dark blue color, surrounded by flames of power. She is both healer and protector in addition to remover of obstacles to enlightenment. Sidpa Gyalmo is the wrathful aspect, Sherab Chamma is the peaceful aspect, and Yeshe Walmo has both aspects of the Great Mother.

Many Bön teachers and practice groups are accessible on the Internet. They can be found by searching on the key words “Bon religion.” One such group is Bon Shen Ling.

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche is the teacher of Yeru Bon Center. Rinpoche leads a practice group on Tuesday nights. During August 2020, they are doing the Sidpa Gyalmo Coronavirus practice over Zoom. Everyone is invited to join in. To learn the Sidpa Gyalmo practice, click here. Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche teaches a simple practice and why we do it. Scroll down that same page and watch the video. We summarize the Sidpa Gyalmo practice. The mantra and the dedication are given below. You can recite the mantra as you go about your day.

  1. Sit and calm yourself. Set your pure intention for the benefit of all sentient beings, especially those victims of the virus and other catastrophes. Generate warm-heartedness and genuine compassion.
  2. Imagine Sidpa Gyalmo in front of your head. She is dark blue. Her wisdom aura is flaming with powerful energy. In her right hand she holds a sword of wisdom, in her left a vase of healing essence. Imagine that you yourself are Sidpa Gyalmo.
  3. Recite Sidpa Gyalmo’s mantra for you and everyone, one or two rounds of the mala. As you recite, radiate the flames as thousands of manifestations of Sidpa Gyalmo. The flames burn illness and its causes, disasters and their causes, violence and its causes. Send this energy to everyone everywhere. Imagine all beings being healed and protected by this energy.
  4. Follow by meditation.
  5. Make supplication to Sidpa Gyalmo. Ask for her blessing in protecting all sentient beings and removing obstacles to liberation. In return make a sincere offering from your heart.
  6. Make a dedication to share the merit of your practice with all sentient beings.



om abhiya nakpo é sö soha



go sum dak pa’i ge wa kang gyi pa

kham sum sem chen nam gyi don du ngo

du sum sak pa’i le drip kun jyang ne

ku sum dzok pa’i sang gye nyur thop shok


All pure virtue done through the three doors (body, speech and mind),

I dedicate for the welfare of sentient beings throughout the three realms (desire, form and formlessness).

Having purified all obstructive actions of the three poisons (greed, hatred and attachment),

May we swiftly achieve complete Buddhahood of the three bodies.


This practice is effective in many ways. Sidpa Gyalmo answers every call with her powerful energies, for she is everywhere. Our own inner capacity strengthens. We become more calm and gain confidence in the face of these disastrous situations.

At this time of chaos in the world, all are welcome to invoke the dynamic power of Sidpa Gyalmo. Her energy gives us not only healing and protection, but we ourselves transform and overcome obstacles to greater awareness. In her triple emanations, Sidpa Gyalmo – Yeshe Walmo – Sherab Chamma, Great Mother protects not only us sentient beings but the Bön teachings as well. She leads us to join her in her enlightened state.