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Okunomichi’s Internet Resource Sites

We present here some of our basic web resources for easy reference.

Ancient Documents   Avery Morrow has published a book on ancient Japanese documents. His website gives an overview of the four documents, the Takenouchi Documents, the Hotsuma Tsutae, Katakamuna, and Sendai Kuji Hongi.

Takenouchi Documents   This is a website in Japanese, Spanish, and English based on the work of Takenouchi researcher, the late Kosaka Wado. There are currently two videos and chapters online from Kosaka’s books.   This link takes you to Okunomichi posts in the category “Takenouchi”.

Hotsuma Tsutae   This is a site in English, French, or Japanese on renderings of stories from the ayas (chapters) of the Hotsuma Tsutae. There are some missing ayas out of the forty in the entire corpus. However, the stories presented are fascinating and informative.   This link provides Okunomichi posts on Hotsuma Tsutae.

Katakamuna  There is no website in English about Katakamuna. Please use this link for “Katakamuna”.

Kototama   This is the website of the students of Nakazono Sensei in New Mexico. They offer several of Sensei’s books in English.   This search on this site yields Okunomichi’s posts on the topic of Kototama; currently there are eight posts.   This Reiki site presents an excerpt from a book by Aikido Sensei William Gleason entitled, The Sacred Sounds of Kototama.

Koshinto   This is the site of Koshinto Australia which follows the teachings of Yamakage Sensei.   Please use this category link for Okunomichi’s posts about Koshinto.