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On the Nature of Reality Series

NGC6960 Veil Nebula by Rob Gendler. Click to enlarge.

Message from Okunomichi

Thank you for visiting Okunomichi. I chose my pen-name after the title of haiku master Matsuo Basho’s masterpiece, Oku no Hosomichi, the Narrow Road to the Interior. Okunomichi (Oku no Michi) means the Path to Inner Wisdom. After some decades of studying various Eastern and Western mystery schools, I have finally come to see how they are connected. The answer is obvious, through The Ageless Wisdom found around the world since ageless times. But just how, was beyond me. 

However, at this time, the world is opening to an outpouring of cosmic energies. Earth and its inhabitants of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms are awakening and evolving to higher frequencies and higher dimensions. We are being infused by energies from outer space as well as within, and assisted and guided by more highly evolved beings than we, so that we can join them as fully realized beings.

As a physicist and mathematician, it has taken a lot to come to this stage of understanding of metaphysics and spiritual matters. I thank all my teachers and supporters, whether scientists or spiritual, whether in body or not, for getting me here. I was always driven by an intention to understand the true nature of reality. I sought it in the physical realm, and I learned a lot about how to conduct research and how the three-dimensional world operates. But not enough. We must open our minds — and our hearts — and go beyond. Just as the name Okunomichi suggests!

Please read and contemplate what I have prepared for you, beginning with the first essay of the series, and continuing in chronological order since they are presented following previous themes. I will endeavor to keep adding new ideas to share, and I would love to hear from you. Please free to Leave a Reply to contact me (click the link at the top of this article). Or write to Okunomichi575 (at)

Thank you for joining me and the rest of us.   —- Okunomichi


Gaia’s Dance: All That Is

Gaia’s Dance by Elisabet Sahtouris

This is the fifth in the series of posts on the true nature of reality. Here we view Reality from a Gaian perspective.

Gaia’s Dance

Gaia’s Dance is a perceptive book about the living nature of our mother planet, Gaia. Scientist Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris can see the evolution of Earth as a dance of powerful energies. Not only does she look into ancient Greek and Vedic myths and past five-billion-year Earth history, but interprets the latest scientific findings and looks ahead into the future as well. She shows us how we’ve crippled Gaia and what we can do to make her healthy again, along with transforming our own human foibles and destiny. The book is entitled, Gaia’s Dance: The Story of Earth and Us, 2018 . This book is written in a comfortable style for non-specialists to understand the complex science. Other titles of Sahtouris include:  Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution, A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us; and Biology Revisioned with Willis Harman.

The Dance of the Universe

“Every piece of matter, everything we know, is a beautiful ballet made of countless invisible dancers’ movements together. It is a dance too small to see, and yet so large it is the whole universe!

“This reminded some physicists that ancient people in India had called the universe the dance of Shiva and his wife, Shakti…and the dance of living nature, of the whole universe, is All That Is.

“Physicists everywhere now understand the universe this way, showing us that matter is a moving dance of energy forming endless patterns. What ‘matters’ is the design of the dance. People everywhere are getting this, too, that we are all One, all individually and together a single energy dance, all of us affecting each other’s lives, all of us co-creating our dance now and always.

“Perhaps the biggest question in science now is about the nature of this basic energy of All That Is. Just like the hunt for the tiniest indivisible ‘original’ particle from which all matter is composed, scientists now hunt for the original energy from which all the matter in the universe is made. Some physicists believe it is what we call consciousness as was, and still is, believed in the Vedic science of India; others disagree.”

Sea of Energy Model

Scientists have begun to abandon the popular Big Bang theory. Now scientists believe that the universe that we know began as ripples of energy like waves on a sea of energy, or like the breath of a living organism. In the 20th century, Einstein’s theory of relativity showed that matter is equivalent to energy. And quantum mechanics theory posits that everything is connected, which agrees with the ancient teachings of sages that All is One. What is it that makes All One?

Keyboard Model

Elisabet Sahtouris suggests we imagine the stuff of the universe as like a musical keyboard. It does make some sense, since musical notes are vibrations of different frequencies. The lowest keys/notes are the particles of Matter, the middle keys are the electromagnetic energies of light, and the highest keys are the high frequencies of Spirit. In this model, each of us is a being of Matter-Energy-Spirit. Einstein showed that matter and energy are the same thing. But what is this “same thing”? We are now beginning to accept the ages-old teaching of the Vedas that this basic stuff is consciousness, consciousness which is Spirit. Consciousness has all these vibrations of energy of the keyboard, from Spirit to Energy to Matter.

Consciousness: All That Is

The universe is All That Is. We are All That Is. 

What is “All That Is”? Well, isn’t it what consciousness is — pure energy? Physicists call All That Is the quantum field, a field of pure energy.

We will go into further consideration of the quantum field and we will be sharing further thoughts on consciousness in following posts.

The Evolving Dance

In the final chapter of Sahtouris’ Gaia’s Dance, she shares her wisdom with the reader.

“We humans, as we have seen, are still quite new compared with so many other species, yet we are already forming a still newer and larger global body of humanity. We are taking evolution to a new stage — one in which we are aware of what we are doing, one in which we organize ourselves by ideas instead of by instincts — one in which we can know ourselves as spirit having a human experience, as some people say, and knowing, or waking up to, our Oneness, our presence in All That Is.”

“If people all over the world come to love their own lives as part of Gaia’s Dance, Gaia’s big brain experiment may prove to be well worth the risk. We will all know that we are still young, as a human species, and can make the future as bright as we would like it to be. With our love and cooperation, Gaia’s Dance will go on in creative balance and harmony — both for itself and as part of the greater harmonies of the whole universe.”

In the Beginning …

The ancient Greeks said that the universe originated with the dance of the goddess Gaia. Dancing brought order out of chaos. Let’s take a further look at chaos.

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Starseed Messages

M31 Andromeda Galaxy by Rob Gendler. Click to enlarge.

Preface: Ageless Wisdom and UFOs

Recently, I have encountered sources providing a great deal of information about global awakening that is going on right now. Global awakening means that are becoming aware of the true nature of reality and who we really are as conscious souls. The activity stepped up in the 1990s. Why? Apparently a global awakening began (in our time) in August of 1987 due to certain strong extraterrestrial energies and other conditions. People began receiving telepathic holographic messages from spiritual beings. I will share some of the messages with you who may also be participating in the advancement of humankind’s consciousness. Little did I know when I began that I would be associating Ageless Wisdom with UFOs (now called UAPs) and extraterrestrials! Nor did I suspect that Arcturians would be explaining the true nature of reality, as posed in the previous post.

What are Starseeds?

From Patricia Pereira’s book (cited below):

STARSEEDS: Galactic beings on Earth as humans, animals, and plants. Many universes and star systems are represented, among them Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion.

Editors Note: The term starseeds also refers to humans who are awakening to the realization that we are more than three-dimensional Earthlings and that we are also members of the higher dimensional cosmic community.

Ken Carey, The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World, 1991, 1995

Ken Carey, in his Preface, states that the book’s current of consciousness is of “angelic or extraterrestrial origin.” The bringers of the material describe themselves as: 

“We are a race of voyagers, spirit beings in the eternal fields of light; yet we are you yourselves as you would have been had you not succumbed to the spell of matter. 

“We are you as you remain beyond material illusion, addressing in these pages a sleeping part of ourselves that you might awaken and know this awareness as your own. We would shine the light upon the reality of your presence from behind you, from above, from beneath you, that at last you might recognize that light within you and awaken.” 

“There is no word in this language that conveys the meaning of I, you, and we simultaneously. Yet it is in this understanding that these transmissions originate.” 

“To be the One and simultaneously the many — this is your calling, your purpose, the ultimate destiny of your kind.” 

“The field of collective human consciousness is now entering the final stage of the awakening process, congealing into awareness of itself as the organ of consciousness of a single planetary being, a being with internal organs of oceans forests, ecosystems, and atmosphere. Humankind is its system both for processing information and for directing its future development.” 

“On the eve of this great metahistorical event, the current of universal attention is flowing so powerfully toward this imminent awakening that it resembles a river approaching floodtide. Throughout the realms where those of our kind are conscious, we share this awesome current of attention. As creatures of the current, we qualify its interests with our individuality, working together in our various capacities to help you awaken to your native understanding. 

“Your awakening, when complete, will signal a distinct new evolutionary phase, with new ground rules and wholly altered creative conditions.” 

Note that The Third Millennium is actually the fourth in the The Starseed Transmissions series. The first volume, entitled, The Starseed Transmissions was published in 1982 and revised in 1995. Each volume contains different material. Volume One was recorded in the period December 27, 1978 to January 6, 1979, making it one of the earliest transmissions of the global awakening. 

Patricia Pereira, Songs of the Arcturians, 1996; Vol. One of Four in the Arcturian Star Chronicles 

As swallows fly on summer winds, you soar now, ever closer, on an unrelenting course whose destination is the stars.

Patricia Pereira began receiving transmissions from Arcturians in 1987. While we humans live in the third dimension, these beings from Arcturus mainly reside in the fifth and sixth dimensions. Arcturus is the bright red star to which the handle of the Big Dipper points. Patricia, as the Arcturians fondly call her, transcribed telepathic messages whose “primary purpose is to acquaint you with principles of Universal Law.” 

The Arcturians introduced themselves: 

“We, who are of the Arcturian contingent, Intergalactic Brotherhood of Light, announce our presence before humankind. Hear us, people of Earth, for we have come to acquaint you with the processes of planetary evolution. Our pupose is to invite you to the stars. Our purpose is to awaken you to the experience of God’s living presence as the focal point of your daily lives. Our purpose is to guide you in unlocking and accessing the dormant functions of your minds.” 

“…know that Earth is in the midst of an evolutionary event: the transposition of her material body to that of the essence of Spirit. Note well that the procedures and ramifications involved in the transformative process are manifesting galaxywide as well as within your planetary home. … Our emissaries stand ready to greet you. Eventually, you will come to recognize us all, for you are our lost brothers and sisters.” 

“…you are all encoded with a personal matrix of information that is poised, ready to activate the expression of purpose into your daily lives. Spinning and spiraling, the DNA helix impregnates the tissues and membranes of your bodies with genetic data that contain all your minds need to access the finer vibrating hum of the light worlds. Like threads caught up in Creation’s robe, cords of pure light insinuate themselves into the emotional fibers of your hearts, assuring the eternal you integral positions in the cosmic design.” 

“The sparkling lights of the stars are calling you. Read further and come to know of us. These pages will acquaint you with beings of light who ride upon the starships. The essays will acquaint you with the sky warriors, or the eagles of the new dawn, our human and animal ground forces who are dedicating their lives to actively participate in the cosmic evolution of Earth, their planetary home. Among these beings are men and women very much like yourselves. In time, you will come to a complete understanding that the tie binding humanity to the stars is a linkage that has never really been broken. 

“As swallows fly on summer winds, you soar now, every closer, on an unrelenting course whose destination is the stars. 

“This is our prelude. This is our song. A field conduit of light energy are we. Sweetly we sing for your delight.” 

The Arcturian named Palpae transmitted:
“Humanity stands delicately poised before a vast precipice. Earth is about to enter the yawning portals of an energy window that is ready to lure it into the resonating hum of fifth-dimensional domains. We are attempting to entice humans to create a mass energy of common- based consciousness and to proceed to a state of Oneness in order to collectively merge with Planetary Mother as she takes her unprecedented step. We must also persuade humans to seriously consider putting to rest all activities that tamper with the rhythmic harmonies of the natural world.” 

The Arcturians summarized:
“We urgently suggest that you begin focusing on your latent psychic talents and develop a way to use them in your daily life. Those who persistently practice merging thought interdimensionally will eventually find themselves joined in ecstatic harmonic Oneness with beings of light. As people of Earth become spiritually conscious and planetarily responsible, they will find themselves happily laying aside the trappings of their befuddled infancy.”

Arc to Arcturus from the Big Dipper, by EarthSky

David K. Miller, Connecting with the Arcturians, 1998, 2011, 2016 

Juliano, an Arcturian, speaks:
“Earth’s resources are being used at an extremely rapid pace, Many of the resources are being used neeedlessly, especially considering that there are advanced technologies available in the field of energy. .. 

“It is our belief that the only solution to the planetary crisis rests in spiritual evolution. The planetary crisis exists on several different levels, not just resources. It is possible that this planet will experience a collapse of the biosphere. That means the normal energy field that keeps life together could become disorganized and unable to function. Large groups of plants or animals could die…” 

“Earth is experiencing an interdimensional transition. The locks on the third-dimensional realms are being loosened not only for you but also for Earth as well. This is allowing a tremendous infusion of energy to occur. If you focus your energy on higher beings like us, you can work effectively in this new energy. We are very pleased that we can now anchor fifth-dimensional energy even more deeply into your planetary system and help Earth in her Ascension process.” 

Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion, The Arcturian Anthology, 2013 

Actually, this quite recent book was the one that I encountered first. What intrigued me was this excerpt from The Hathors on page 38. It kick-started my research into messages from cosmic beings in my quest to understand the true nature of reality.

“Sanat Kumara is a protector of your Earth, your solar system and your galaxy as well. His first direct encounter with Earth occurred in a region of the world you now call Japan. This took place approximately ten million years ago. 

“He descended in his ship and interacted with a highly advanced group of beings who lived in a remote mountainous area of Japan. This very location is revered in modern Japan and marked by a shrine on Mount Kurama. 

“As a highly advanced Arcturian, when Sanat Kumara touched Earth he saw holographically the past history of your planet to the present moment in time, which was ten million years in your past. And he saw the entire flow of events into the future, which is now your present. 

“This Mount Kurama is revered not only by the Japanese, but by the Arcturians as well.” 

Arcturian hexagon power spot at Kurama Temple. By Okunomichi, 2014.

Purpose of Starseed Messages

The sheer numbers, frequency, and intensity of the starseed messages being received in the 21st century make it clear that not only the human race is involved in evolution of consciousness but that that we are being assisted by higher dimensional beings. Humanity’s experience is valuable for not only us but for the cosmic beings. It has been difficult over our history and is especially critical at this time. However, the human family will emerge triumphant from this if we take care of each other as we radiate unconditional Love to All.

This is the preparation for the coming Age of Aquarius.

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True Nature of Reality

Milky Way over Rocky Mountains photo by Jeremy Thomas (click to enlarge)


It has been a while since Okunomichi last posted. We have been caught up in an outpouring of awakening energies that we had to pause and assimilate before we could communicate with you. We are expanding our field of attention to toward cosmic consciousness and exploring the true nature of reality. We are integrating wisdom of the past with the existential crisis of today as we look toward the future. The keywords of our categories and tags are more inclusive of the spiritual integrated with today’s emerging physical science — which is moving toward the spiritual. Soon, we may return to no separation between physical and spiritual science. Nor is there really any separation between our physical and spiritual natures.

True Nature of Reality

What is the true nature of reality? I have always wanted to know. That’s why I academically studied physics and astrophysics, and researched and published peer-reviewed papers. I could not get a handle on infinity nor on eternity. The answer to the true nature of reality does not lie in the physical world.


I discovered consciousness. Of course, we all know what we mean by ordinary consciousness as cognition and awareness. True consciousness is more than that. It is being aware of being aware. It is becoming aware that we are more than separate physical beings. We are also spiritual beings. We are the consciousness that connects us to the three-dimensional and higher dimensional worlds.

The Law of Unity

The world’s Ageless Wisdom traditions have always taught that We are All One in the Universe, with the Universe. There is a vibrating energy similar to the light we can see but of frequencies that we don’t sense with our physical senses. This light of consciousness is called Love, Unconditional Love, that unites All in the Universe.

The Ageless Wisdom

The Ageless Wisdom is also the Perennial Philosophy, the esoteric teachings that have been taught in mystery schools over the ages and all over the Earth. Teachers include Helena P. Bavatsky after her trip through the HImalayas, and Alice A. Bailey with ascended master Dwaj Kuhl in the 20th century, and many more in the 21st century. The Ageless Wisdom is truly ageless and perennial, for it is the secret teaching of the true nature of reality. Ageless Wisdom teaches that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. We come from a non-physical dimension, and we are all connected through consciousness. Consciousness is the foundation of all in the universe.

The Ageless Wisdom has been a highly esoteric teaching, that is, it is not for the general public. However, It is now becoming more exoteric, out in the open as masses of people are becoming more spiritually aware. This is part of the movement of energy in our solar system and spiritual evolution in general.

Yellow Sky by Nicholas Roerich, 1874-1947

Wosite Wisdom

In the last dozen years, my focus has been in studying the ancient wisdom of the Jōmon period in Japan, called Wosite (Wo-si-te or Wo-shi-te). The indigenous people of the Japanese archipelago developed a unique high civilization in the span of 15,000 years after the end of the last Ice Age. The spoken and written Wosite language is based on fundamental creative energies. However, Wosite knowledge and wisdom went underground due to political changes beginning two thousand years ago. Wosite has been revived in the last six decades. I am the first American student of Japanese Wosite teachers. It is my sacred responsibility to share Wosite with the English-speaking world.

For Wosite is Ageless Wisdom.

Wosite Cosmology chart by Sakata Shoko

Gaia and a New Humanity

For a long period of time, we humans have dug ourselves deeply into exploring and exploiting the physical world. We have created a situation which is becoming more and more untenable, unsustainable, and unstable. It threatens the very existence of our Mother Planet and humanity. Gaia is the Greek goddess of Earth, viewed as the mother of all creation. The name Gaia was revived by James Lovelock (26 July 1919 – 26 July 2022) in his Gaia theory.

Prophets of old and new times have predicted an evolved humanity with higher consciousness. Gaia herself is evolving into a higher dimensional spiritual being. If we don’t evolve with her, we will be left behind.

Enlightened Beings in Japan

How did the world’s great civilizations pop out of the mundane? Enlightened beings, ascended masters, have incarnated on Earth to teach the Wisdom and to develop human society.

An enlightened being such as Sanat Kumara must have engendered the advanced civilization of Wosite. One such person mentioned in Wosite texts is a human Kami (a person with super-high consciousness) who organized the spoken and written Wosite language and taught skills and technologies to the indigenous people. He taught the cosmology of how life is created from energy. He attributed such deep knowledge to even earlier ancestors.

Sanat Kumara from Arcturus

Another ascended master to have been in ancient Japan of 10 million years ago is Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara is spoken of in ancient Vedic teachings and in more modern times by Blavatsky and Bailey and others. He has transmitted telepathic messages that he is originally from the system of the star Arcturus, and visited Mt. Kurama in northern Kyoto 10 million years ago. “Kura” in Arcturian means “portal” or “stargate.” Arcturus is a very bright star in the constellation Boötes. Sanat Kumara refers to himself as extra-galactic, for it is possible that Arcturus is astronomically from another galaxy. 

Mt. Kurama

I have visited sacred Mt. Kurama several times and I’ve noticed a shrine to Sanat Kumara. I long wondered what it was doing at Kurama Dera, a supposedly Japanese Buddhist temple. There are three statues in the hondo main temple. One of them is an unusual being who is said to have come from Venus six million years ago. Maōson may be a later interpretation of Sanat Kumara. When I asked the Abbess of Kurama Temple about Maōson, she explained that he is an energy being and further, that all in the Universe is energy. 

Maōson statue aka Sanat Kumara in Kurama Temple

Global Movement

There is an awakening movement around the world. More and more people are meditating, spreading Unconditional Love, and evolving human consciousness. Humanity is becoming increasingly Gaian, people who are One with our Earth Mother. Soon we will be full citizens of our Milky Way Galaxy and participate in the evolution of the galaxies in this Universe. 

True Nature of Reality

This is the true Nature of Reality: infinite and eternal. This is the Ageless Wisdom for us as we evolve our consciousness toward enlightenment.

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Kototama by Wosite Wisdom Circle


The three members of the Wosite Wisdom Circle associated with Woshite World and Wosite Wisdom made a presentation to a large viewer audience at the Nature Talks 2022 Conference held from February 9-13. Embodiment practices were shared, and a slideshow was presented by Okunomichi. You can find the slides and the script on Woshite World.

The blog posts on this Okunomichi site and on WoshiteWorld have been visited frequently by those seeking to learn more about Kototama. These two sites have a number of articles about Kototama which you can find by using the Search box. Some are from classical Japanese Kototama teachers. Others are uniquely the Kototama which the Wosite Wisdom Circle developed from our Japanese American viewpoint. Note that our American Kototama is distinctly different from both traditional and modern Japanese Kototama. It is meant for incorporating into our Western lives a path to realizing our true self, where we come from, why we are here.