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Hotsuma Tsutae Waniko Edition


The Japan Translation Center has recently (2016) republished the Hotsuma Tsutae as written out by Waniko Yasutoshi in 1779. It is a fine collector’s edition with cover embossed in gold lettering, the title being a facsimile of Waniko’s handwriting. You can read about Waniko’s work here:


We will show excerpts from the book in the next two posts.

The JTC also publishes The Hotsuma Legends, 1999, by Yoshinosuke Matsumoto and The World of Hotsuma Legends, 1996, by Mitsuru Ikeda. For further information, please contact: info2@jtc.co.jp.

The Hotsuma Tsutae is an alternate history of ancient Japan.

The oldest version now available to us was copied in the 
year 1779, but it is said to have been first written more 
than 1,800 years ago. 

The Waniko original version of the Hotsuma Tsutae, plus 
a commentary on the course of tradition of the Hotsuma Tsutae 
by Yoshinosuke Matsumoto.

The Japan Translation Center is working on a progressive 
translation of the text into contemporary Japanese, and 
thence into English. For further details, visit