OKUNOMICHI is the Path Beyond – to the distant past, to forgotten worlds, to inner states of mind. Come with us on this journey to explore the mystical, mythical, and mysterious.

6 thoughts on “About OKUNOMICHI

  1. Tico QHIgonga

    I am truly impressed and grateful for the amount of knowledge and truth of it all are here. Great appreciation and love for this work. Foundation of divine. Blessed love.

    1. Okunomichi Post author

      Hello Tico,
      I am grateful for your message. It is people like you who keep me going. Blessings to you on your Path.

  2. Giovanni De Cesare

    Thank you very much for your important work. I’ve found here a treasure, a lot of valuable informations and suggestions to be investigated deeply. Please don’t stop to go deeper and deeper.

  3. Okunomichi Post author

    We are grateful for your participating in the Okunomichi community. For all you readers, do visit the Roxanagraphs page with its striking graphic and solstice poem. And for more on Wosite, you can find it at https://woshiteworld.wordpress.com/. Best wishes to all for a happy and peaceful new year, 2023.


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